Country of origin: Uzbekistan

Rahimovs’ Ceramics Studio is widely popular over the world. Ceramic product tells about the traditions and attitudes of the people, and also has a high quality of worthy of wide dissemination. Even after many years, the product does not lose its brilliance and grandeur.

A variety of fantastic images of birds which are depicted on the decorative bowl “Bird of happiness made on the basis of the 15th century pottery motifs of the Temurids Epochs. Bird is a symbol of admiration, well-being, greatness and eternal happiness. Truly exquisitely fine brush painting made with natural dyes, produced by a complex recipe. For the manufacture of such a masterpiece is used only high-quality red clay, quartz, kaolin, cobalt, manganese and glaze.

Having become the owner of the decorative bowl from Uzbekistan, you get not just a beautiful clay product, it is also a talisman for their owners. Each curl on the ornament carries the happiness and well-being of its owner.

Source: The work of Akbar Rakhimov, master ceramist in the fifth generation

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