1. Genacle-site of the Last Supper and Descent of the Holy Ghost. In the lower room stands the tomb of King David.
  2. Church of the Dormition “where the Virgin Mary died”.
  3. Penacle of the Temple
  4. El Aqsa Mosque
  5. The Western Wall
  6. Tower of David
  7. Lutheran Church
  8. Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  9. Dome of the Rock “Mosque of Omar”
  1. Sisters of Zion “Pontius Pilate judgement hall where Christ was judged and condemned into death”
  2. Absalom’s Tomb
  3. Kidron Valley
  4. Moslem Cemetery
  5. Golden Gate
  6. Garden Tomb
  7. St. Stephan Gate
  8. Rockefeller Museum
  9. Church and Graden of Gethsemane
  10. Russian Church of St. Mary Magdalen
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