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Country of origin: Uganda

Art and craft are part of Ugandaryan culture. Crafts have been developed through the traditions of the people. Art and craft are a result of the feelings of the people responding to a variety of historical events and influences and the environment in a most spontaneous manner. Art is the creation of works of beauty through the application of skill resulting from knowledge and regular practice. Craft on the other hand is taken as an occupation, especially one in which skills or techniques in the use of the hands are needed.

Craftsmanship in Uganda is a practice that has been passed down from generation to generation. It includes crafts like basketry, pottery, wood-curving and the like.

Ugandan craft works are so varied that one needs to pay attention to various ethnic setting in order to exhaust it. One has also to make distinctions and give similarities that occur within the crafts of different ethnic groups. The differences that appear in crafts are consequences of the cultural practices of each ethnic group.

Source: Uganda Travel Guide

Link: http://www.ugandatravelguide.com/traditional-crafts.html

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